A brief summary of some of our capabilities is provided below. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements since no two projects are the same and as a small consultancy we are able to extend our services very specifically to suit your needs.

Architectural Acoustics

We can provide design consultancy, measurement and reporting on acoustical aspects of architectural design, including designing for standards of internal sound insulation, intrusive noise, impact noise, and speech transmission.

Transport & Aviation Noise

We provide expert consultancy related to transport & aviation noise in Sydney’s soundscape. This includes measurement and compliance reporting for AS2021 (2015).

Environmental Noise Impact Management

We provide specialised services relating to environmental noise impact management, including special events, concerts, venues, and development applications. Our experience and deep understanding enables our interpretive approach to noise impact management, leading to better outcomes for government, clients, and the community.

Room Acoustics

We can provide tailored acoustical solutions to your room, including design solutions for hospitality, workplaces, educational & public speaking spaces and spaces for music (performance and critical listening). This is an area where baseline improvements are often simpler than you might think.